Hand-crafted herbal teas made from Sunbow herbs that are grown, dried and combined onsite in our commercial kitchen. Comes in 1 cup glass jar unless indicated below.

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Herbal Teas -

Blueberry Bliss - Synergistically combines herbal ingredients to provide nutritional and nervous support.

Great Outdoors - Relieving blend commonly used for allergies. (Packaged in larger bag for frequent use.)

Relax & Smile - Calming blend commonly used for anxiety and stress relief.

Revive Electrolyte Tea - Commonly used to replenish body fluids and restore energy after exertion or during illness. (Packaged in larger bag. Makes approximately 2 quarts.)

Seasonal Cold & Flu - Feel-better blend commonly used for relief in early stages of colds and flu.

Tummy Soother - Soothing blend commonly used for nausea, indigestion and cramps.

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