Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my choices for my weekly box?

   CSA box members can login to their CSAware account on Monday - Wednesday of each week and make their selections.  Orders close at 6 pm on Wednesday.  Select the items you want (including multiples of a single item if you desire) to spend down your credit.  Friend of the Farm members enter choice on Wednesday only.

What happens if I want more veggies than my weekly credit value?

   No problem!  The cost for Sunbow averages to a weekly veggie box of $30.  You can spend this any way you want.   Maybe you choose two weeks at $45 and then take a week off and order nothing.  Do what works best for you.   We will pick and pack the items you chose and deliver them to your drop spot when you order!  If you run out of credit before the end of the season you will be billed for your choices.

How do I order non-veggie add-ons to my box?

  We offer fantastic products from other local producers that you can purchase as "add-ons" to your regular box including pork, lamb, honey, maple syrup and herbal products.  Add-on orders are delivered with your boxes each week!  You are billed separately for these items. 

What happens if I forget to place my weekly order?  Will I still get a box?

   Yes!  If you forget, we will choose for you and pack a box equal to $30.

What happens if I forget to pick up my box?

    Each week you have the option of ordering "add-ons" from Box pick up is from 4-7 pm on Thursdays.  We send reminders (either text or email) that day to help you remember.  If you forget, your box is picked up on Friday morning and returned to the cold room at the farm for you to pick-up when you can.  On Saturday morning, if your box is not picked-up or I haven't heard from you about when you will come, your box is donated to someone in need.   If you know you will miss the pick-up you can text me any time on Thursday before 3 pm and I can leave your box in the cold room at the farm for you to pick-up when you can.   You can also place a "temporary change in pick-up location" notice in your online Sunbow account. 

What is the "Farmer Choice" addition to my weekly CSA box?

   Each week, $7.00 of your weekly credit value is used as "Farmer Choice".  These are items that everyone receives based on availability at the farm.  These items are usually items that I have lots of and that need to get picked and eaten that week.  We DO NOT include in the Farmer Choice option items that we know many folks would not want!  We also keep information on specific food allergies and WOULD NOT include items in your box that you are allergic to EVEN IF those items are listed as Farmer's Choice.  You would receive a substitute.  If you place a hold on your box for the week, you are not billed for Farmer's Choice. 

How do I pay for my membership?

   You can pay the full amount when you sign up but most members choose to pay with recurring auto-billing.   25% of membership cost is due at sign-up.  The remaining 3 installments will be due on May 1, June 15 and August 1.   We do not refund unused portions of the membership cost.   Friend of the Farm members pay a $30 fee to join (this covers the management of orders and deliveries). For these members, food items are billed at checkout whenever they place an order. We offer a pay by check option for those who do not wish to use a credit card. 

Why do I have to pay when I sign-up if deliveries do not start right away?

   We incur approximately 60% of our annual expenses before the first box is ever delivered to you.  We have to purchase seeds, potting mix, compost, soil amendments and potentially new equipment during the "off-season".  Your "deposit" helps us cover these costs. 

If both are custom packed, why should I commit to a CSA box rather than just become "Friend of the Farm"?

    Four main reasons to join as a CSA member rather than a "Friend":

  1. CSA members get first choice on available produce.  CSA members select their choices starting on Monday.  Whatever inventory remains is made available to Friend of the Farm members on Wednesday.
  2.  CSA members pay 10% less than Friends for a comparable product, i.e. 1 lb of carrots might be $1.50 on the CSA store but $1.65 on the Friends store. 
  3. The season runs 4 weeks longer for CSA Entire Season members who enjoy the very first and very last goodies of the season!
  4. No membership fee for CSA members.  Friend of the Farm members pay a $30 annual membership fee.