2021 Friend of the Farm

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Completely customizable box! This is a great choice for families of two or less. On weeks you choose, order and pay for the items you want. Your custom box is delivered to one of two pick-up locations in Eau Claire or choose home delivery. Available May 21 - Oct 15.

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If you want even more flexibility, this is the share for you! Friend of the Farm boxes are completely customizable - you pick what you want each week and only pay for what you order! We do require a minimum commitment of $250 for the entire season. Orders are placed on Wednesdays for pickup at our regular CSA pick-up locations or home delivery on Thursdays. Gone several weeks - no problem! With this membership you only order on the weeks you want food. A $30 non-refundable fee covers our time and costs in managing orders. You will be billed this $30 when you sign up for this type of membership and then $250 on May 15 just before the season starts. This $250 is credit for veggie choices over the season. If you spend this out you can always add more credit to your account! Any balances remaining over the $250 are returned at the end of the season!