2020 Friend of the Farm

Store 2020 Friend of the Farm

Completely customizable box! This is a great choice for families of two or less or those that are gone several weeks over the summer. On weeks you choose, order and pay for the items you want. Your custom box is delivered to one of three pick-up locations in Eau Claire. Available May 21 - Oct 15.

1 delivery deposit Price:
Delivery frequency
: Weekly

If you want even more flexibility, this is the share for you! Friend of the Farm boxes are completely customizable - you pick what you want each week and only pay for what you order! Orders are placed on Wednesdays for pick-up at our regular CSA pick-up locations on Thursdays. Gone several weeks - no problem! With this membership you only order on the weeks you want food. Pay as you go or choose a buy-down style (send a check and your purchases are deducted from this balance). Any unused balance is returned at the end of the year! A $30 non-refundable fee covers our time and costs in managing orders.